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Quality Control

AnZhong Machinery was certified in the PLA in 1999 and ISO 9001 in 2002. This ultimately assures the best quality of production and management. All Tail Lifts are designed according to the CE Regulations. All products developed by AnZhong Machinery, go through a meticulous quality control process before any shipments are ready.
Reliability and durability is the trademark of AnZhong Machinery, in providing top quality Tail Lifts to our clients. We are constantly improving our supply chain and strengthening our quality management.
AnZhong Machinery focuses on the study of latest quality management ideas and implements them into production. With over 22 years of experience AnZhong Machinery has been dealing worldwide with suppliers such as HALDEX, PAKER, NOK, and MPI, resulting in multiple supplier resources and competitive prices available for all segmented markets. This reliable and continuous relationship we have with our suppliers enables us to purchase quality products at a competitive rate.