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Using Multipurpose RFID Readers To Achieve Impressive Results
Author:sino Addtime:2010/2/2 Hits:5020 

Monday, February 01, 2010
Along with software applications like eXpress that allow you to collect data without a hefty capital investment, sometimes there are hardware devices that also allow you to collect data without a large investment. We have many customers that simply want an easy way to collect RFID tag data, whether it’s tracking tags as they move past a certain point, or capturing an assets info when you put it in a specific spot.

This can be accomplished without having to create an entire RFID system that integrates into your host environment, simply setting up an RFID reader that is configured to read tags will work for many simple applications. The CaptureTech CT-R3100 is a device that is easily configured and can capture RFID tag data. It has been used at hospitals, offices, lumber yards and other environments where integration isn’t necessary.

With a few integrations, you can also plot GPS, transmit data wirelessly over a secure connection or it can be configured to integrate into your existing system.