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How to Operate a Scissor Lift
Author:sinoliftnet Addtime:2021/3/31 Hits:1169 

When operating a scissor lift  it is vital to follow specific operating instructions for optimal safety. No matter what, the operator of the scissor lift must make sure that their safety, as well as the safety of others, is of the highest value.

Preparing The Workspace

Before beginning any task, you need to make sure you have prepared the space you are going to be working in. This can include warning signs such as yellow caution tape and red danger tape. You will need red danger tape if there is a possibility that items may fall on top of people.

Another thing to note is that you must always make sure you are using the scissor lift on the appropriate ground, such as a smooth and stable road. This will prevent any potential injuries to yourself.

Pre-Work Checklist

Always make yourself aware of safety procedures, as you will know, access platforms do not provide any protection against electrical conductions, power lines and even apparatus associated with electric currents. Not only this, but the machinery isn’t insulated so doesn’t protect against incidents.

Once you have cordoned off the area you wish to work, you should then check for any potential obstacles, both on the ground and overhead.

How To Use A Scissor Lift

All of the controls for your job are always located in the centre of the operator section. Scissor Lifts have a high and low range to be used when travelling. The high range can be used if you have a clear path, while a low range should only be used when you have a more difficult path, such as rough terrain. Always make sure you protect the platforms and railings when performing certain tasks.