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As an industrial engineering enterprise with a history of many years, the business scope of Sinolift once covered such areas as logistics system, goods elevator, lifting platform, working machinery, energy-economizing machinery, space flight machinery, overhead working trucks including their design and manufacturing and sales.

system and other areas.
Sinolift takes the areas of logistics system, material handling and lifting devices as its main business scope all the time.
Sinolift had been fully proved to have abilities of accepting challenges, creating opportunities and seeking development. The Sinolift current generations are managing and operating Sinolift with steady ownership, which consequently provides a safe and effective environment for sustainable development of Sinolift.
Policy - working enviroment
The policy of Sinolift is to provide and maintain safe and healthy conditions concerning working environment

This is to be reached through efforts from every department in the company by building up and maintaining a positive attitude and behavior concerning working environment. In this connection great importance is attached to the co-operation between the departments in the company.
The safety committee is responsible for the co-ordination of the health and safety policy, and the safety groups ensure that the environmental working conditions in the individual departments fulfil the demands and needs.
The engagement and knowledge of the employees about working environment shall be increased through education and information.
The working environment is thoroughly considered when rearranging the production and making new investments.
New employees get a thorough instruction in the working environment.
The working environment is continuously improved, amongst others by means of assessments of the individual workstations and through co-operation with the employees' Health service of locating region service center..
Accidents and risks of accidents are registered and followed in order to start up preventive measures, so that the frequency of accidents and absence will be reduced.
In co-operation with China Government, some employees are helped to continue working in spite of certain reasons of health.
Ergonomics mean adjusting the work to the human being. When adjusting the work to the human being, it is important to consider muscles and joints.

How do I use myself best?

Human beings are fantastic constructions and the way our minds and bodies work is unexcelled by any technological wonder.

Human beings are undoubtedly created to perform physical and intellectual work. By using our brains - to think about the way we tackle physical work - we give ourselves a good change of keeping healthy all our lives.

However, this is what matters when talking about quality of life
- "a healthy mind in a healthy body"

Our Mission
Consolidate and provide a model of accessible services to market. Offering solutions for the purchase of equipment, both parts of Dock Equipment, Taillift, Dockboards, Lift Tabls and high-altitude lifts, generating confidence, quality, strength and security in the commercial relationship.
Our Values
· Integrity
· Enthusiasm
·Confidence and Pride
Development of our People